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Exciting Summer – you never know who might drop in for lunch!

Posted in Community action, News with tags , on September 12, 2011 by steveholroyd


It has been an action packed and exciting Summer full of  developments and photographic opportunities. Career-wise I’m very pleased to now be consulting and practicing “the law of advantage” for the excellent law firm Lupton Fawcett LLP ( based in Leeds.

A lot of my photography  has been related to my involvements in community action, which is understandable really, considering the recent exciting developments with our DIY community pub and the Crosby Ravensworth Show (one of the best in recent memory), we had fantastic weather for it and the equestrian and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling amongst other things were superb. I’m particularly fond of the vintage rally too.

Rolling up my sleeves at weekends, Ginny and I’ve been actively engaged with preparing Crosby Ravensworth’s community pub, The Butchers Arms  for its recent opening! As you may know I have been involved with the Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd. initiative from the outset, but a lot of us pitched in with the physical process of restoration, so many that it really feels like the community’s pub, and the successful launch recently just shows what a community can accomplish when they put their minds and backs to it.

Thank you, those who complimented me on our live breakfast TV appearances from the Butchers Arms!  (BBC 1 Breakfast News) . Radio 5 Live also did a live broadcast. I’m just very pleased to have been able to play my part, it’s a very interesting and worthwhile project and our Big Society lunch with Prime Minister David Cameron was very nice! We knew there was going to be a big society lunch meeting, but we didn’t know exactly who would be coming. You never know who will drop in at your local. One family came over from Australia for the grand opening party. This party was also highly memorable, very well attended, well catered and the live music was good. Exciting times!


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